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6 May

So there is finally a release date for the very dope Kanye West and M/M (Paris) silk scarves collaboration. The designers from M/M have created five different silk scarves that each feautre one of the five different paintings George Condo did for Kanye West’s latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The first half of the silk scarves by Kanye West x M/M (Paris) will be available on Monday, May 9 on colette and M/M’s website.

Check out some pictures of the scarves after the jump.



6 May

It’s time to show some love to the girls from LookyLooky, a very dope brand out of Berlin, Germany. Recently they have presented their Spring 2011 collection, which includes some very cool t-shirts, crew necks and tote bags.

The Silvester tee is definitely my favorite one but overall they have put together a very solid drop. All tees and crew necks are American Apparel ones so you know the quality is the best you can get at the moment.

If you want to check out the full lookbook just click here. All pieces from their Spring 2011 collection are available now on their online store


6 May


6 May


6 May

Got a restock of some best-sellers from Nerdy Fresh as well as a new design called the Astro Zipper tee. Franck also produced a toned down version of the Astro Logo in a v-neck tee, which looks good and clean when you don’t want to go heavy on the colors. Get them while they’re hot!


6 May

“The theme ‘Surf-A-Billy’ came from my fascination with the rockabilly scene and the scene of surfers in the ’50′s and ’60′s. They all seemed like they were having a blast, enjoying life.

With the feel of the range I wanted some stuff to remind me of when I was a little bit younger and my friends and I used to cut, shred and rip clothes to make them into something else on those hot days when it just seems you can’t get comfortable. Some of the other pieces I wanted to have a ’50s, ’60s feel but not look so stiff. A lot of the clothes from back then look like they could stand up on the their own, almost like you starched the shit of them.”

– Jared Mell

Not only are we stoked on this (and every other) collection Insight dropped at The ‘Loop, Jared Mell is one of our favorite surfers with his progressive, smooth longboarding style and it’s about damned time dude got his own signature collection. And to hear he digs on rockabilly tunes just seals the deal in making Mell one of the coolest motherfuckers on the planet.

Check out Jared’s flick above, and be sure to peep the Insight Summer 2011 collection at Karmaloop.


1 May

Ill sculpture from DIZIZZIT!!! check it out i think its hella dope i want it so bad:)

Rocksmith x Wu- Tang Clan

29 Apr


Now the official outfitters for the Wu-Tang Clan, our RockSmith ninjas unleashed the tiger style with its Spring 2011 hit

The W features prominently throughout the collection, now bringin’ the muthafuckin’ ruckus at Karmaloop straight from the slums of RockShaolin. Cash rules everything around this drop, so no tearz once we sell out of stock – can it be all so simple to cop yours with the quickness? Just remember to protect your neck rockin’ these gems, ’cause the clan in da front is poised to get theirs even if it means revealing da mystery of chessboxin’ (okay, enough of that).

Spring 2001: Smith Wallet

29 Apr

For the wild ones. The rebels. The men and women who make their own rules and submit to no compromise, never settle and refuse to live life any other way than their own. While some consider “The American Dream” just that – a dream, something to put smiles on faces and minds at ease – Holliday encourages people to stranglehold that goal and take one’s destiny into their own weathered, wrinkled, blistered hands.

Back at The ‘Loop with its Spring ’11 drop, the latest from Holliday features three new Smith Wallet incarnations with siiick Mexican blanket detail adding to the brand’s already unfuckwithable, 100% hand-made-in-the-U.S.A. premium leather build.

Note: these are not your run-of-the-mill velcro fuckers lucky to hold $5 and a bus pass; featuring one zippered billfold and 10 slots in total, Holliday wallets more than accommodate whatever it is you’re carrying while fitting comfortably into any denim back pocket.

Holliday wallets furthermore allow you to personally customize each piece with removable, clip attached, hand-braided chains and stainless steel buttons that can be screwed off and replaced or altered to your own style… though with wallets looking this goddamned beautiful in the first place, we couldn’t recommend such a thing.

Bad Brains x DISSIZIT! – The PMA Tee and New Era cap

29 Apr

One of our favorite brands showing tribute to one of our all-time favorite bands? That’s some big takeover shit!

Right up there with The Clash, Misfits, Public Enemy, Lee Perry and Slayer, Bad Brains have steady been one of the few bands consistently bumped from when we were just lil’ brats getting kicked out of the skatepark until now… bigger brats still getting kicked out of skateparks. From the “Pay to Cum” 7″ single right up to the surprisingly crucial Build a Nation LP, Bad Brains basically invented a genre and lifestyle and the fact that these dudes are still at it, there’s your proof that hardcore will never die.

We’re still unsure whether this is an official collaboration (to be determined), but really – who cares? Dissizit! brought its trademark, in-your-fucking-face graphic design to the table in a way that totally suits Bad Brains’ style with big, bold lettering in rasta colorways that’s impossible to ignore, and we’re loving the official (?) lightning bolt detail work with the D’s signature logo to wrap it all together.

Like most (official or unofficial) Bad Brains tributes, these joints are already going fast, so wake the fuck up, sinna… speaking of, we better make sure we get ours or else the regulator is gonna have to call the riot squad to calm us down.