6 May

“The theme ‘Surf-A-Billy’ came from my fascination with the rockabilly scene and the scene of surfers in the ’50′s and ’60′s. They all seemed like they were having a blast, enjoying life.

With the feel of the range I wanted some stuff to remind me of when I was a little bit younger and my friends and I used to cut, shred and rip clothes to make them into something else on those hot days when it just seems you can’t get comfortable. Some of the other pieces I wanted to have a ’50s, ’60s feel but not look so stiff. A lot of the clothes from back then look like they could stand up on the their own, almost like you starched the shit of them.”

– Jared Mell

Not only are we stoked on this (and every other) collection Insight dropped at The ‘Loop, Jared Mell is one of our favorite surfers with his progressive, smooth longboarding style and it’s about damned time dude got his own signature collection. And to hear he digs on rockabilly tunes just seals the deal in making Mell one of the coolest motherfuckers on the planet.

Check out Jared’s flick above, and be sure to peep the Insight Summer 2011 collection at Karmaloop.


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