L-R-G Watch

30 Apr

A company designed to overthrow the masses by our influence. Our slogan is simple – underground inventive, overground effective – at L-R-G we want to focus on the ones that are trying to pay their rent with their passions. Think of us as a support group for the independent and underground culture. We’re trying to put the spotlight where we think it really belongs, because it’s much more than clothing and concepts, it is a way of living. L-R-G innovative essence for the above average person.

As time progresses, so will the independent and underground culture. LRG watches are another way for us to develop an accessory to embody the innovative population. Our watches reflect the cycle of growth each second of each day representing the future of the above average individual. Whether patient or impulsive, our watches help keep track of our progressions throughout our journey in life. Built with integrity and developed by the group that symbolizes reliability. “Time is on our side.

Or, in other words, “TIME TO GET ILL!“


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