Top Ten Medical Cannabis strains

29 Apr

Some of the most powerful strains i have come across check out whats FFFire..happy readin yall:)

*Lamb’s Breath

Moderate THC content
Lemon and spice scent
Sweet, smooth flavor
Perfect for migraines/headaches


Strong THC content
Perky high
Medical uses: anxiety, stress, pain
Skunk taste and flavor

*White Russian

No info available at this time.


medium height

taste somewhat citrusy

very potent, buzz lasts for hour to hour an a half then it lows and body effects become more evident


height is ruffly 48 inches, the average yeild is 2.25 oz

the taste varies from citrus/ spice berry/ to blueberry

and the buzz is up with body tingling side effects

*New York city Diesel

the taste is like sour candy/tangerine

the buzz is very intense and strong

its l0ok is sugar coated nuggets…haha!


the average height is short and the yeild is about 3 oz

the taste is of grape skittles, the buzz is a nice comfy night time indica , and its appearance is nice purple and orange buds.

*White Widow

its average height is about 45 inches and its yeild is about 3.25 oz

the taste is a mixture of pine and spice and the buzz is somewhat couch lock, the appearance is very pretty leaves and flower formations.


a mysteriouse strain that is supposably the mother of all OG kush plants, which i think it is cause the taste and smell and appearence is very very similar, the buzz is super potent and similar to OG kush if u multiplied it by a hundred…haha

*Tangerine Haze

Sativa dominant hybrid

Original Soma Seeds New York City Diesel x G-13/Haze

A very special phenotype of Soma’s original NYCD x G-13/Haze, Tangerine Haze was discovered by the Devil’s Harvest Krew in 2003-04 and has since become something of a legend, especially in Colorado.  The plant is one of the most uncanny-smelling fruity strains on the planet, smelling and tasting exactly like a freshly-peeled tangerine, down to the sensation of the semi-bitter skin.  It grows tall and vigorously, forming strong creamy-orange colas that perfume the room.

source:kindreviews, MJguide


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